Poetry for August 31st, 2017

Mortal Youth

Youth is in its essence
Vibrant, musically glowing.
It is eternal, immortal;
Body acts, mind half knowing.

Time unknown to tall, bright youth
Moves past in careless certainty
Today is full but all too short;
Tomorrow is expected entity.

Life and love and liberty
Flowing through young, strong veins,
Thought and act and tongues show clear
That hate has not the reins.

Blossom, dawn and petal spreading,
Light and rain and earth-warm growth:
Then does Youth in mind and body feel
Self and soul forever growing.

Knowest thou, tall youth, that breathless dawn
Bows to quiet night, petals fall
When nectars drunk, and when all’s gone
Hate lives on! Mortal youth need not its call!


William Farragher

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