November Moments

Our November weather changes the view from my window daily if not more often, from rain to cloud to sun, and the colors of the leaves vary in intensity as the sun comes and goes.  Sometimes they are fairly subdued, but when the sun shines they glow red, gold and orange with brightness I see nowhere else. Even the fallen leaves are a brilliant tapestry of vibrant color.  By contrast, except for the scarlet cardinal and the blue jays, the birds I see do not attempt to compete. They are brown sparrows and doves, gray and black chickadees and nuthatches, black and white woodpeckers–sober, year-round residents who don’t seek to call attention to themselves, but allow the leaves their brief time of glory.

I believe God uses such moments to break into our lives and call for our attention. A moment of thanksgiving, a brief prayer–these can be a way of keeping in touch with God in the midst of a busy day if we take the opportunity to do so. And who knows how we might be blessed by such moments, if we will only respond to them.

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