My Thought on God

I do not know why I am writing this. I grew up un-churched. As a young man and teenager, I considered myself an atheist. I guess, I started seriously considering the possibility of a concept of some sort of god when I was in college. It was a time of discovery in science, “Punctuated Equilibrium” in evolutionary biology, “Catalytic RNAs” in molecular (fundamental) biology and articulation of the “Big Bang” in Physics that set me on a re-evaluation of ‘God”. I also read some quotes from Einstein, about his think on god, as being non-anthropomorphic, and a need for a more transcendental view of God. As life goes on and personal experiences accumulate one depends their relationship with existence. One discovers the limits of their own understanding, especially scientists do. I have met many believing scientists, but none of them literalists in biblical interpretation. Like I, I believe they believe that the true wonder of the scriptures lays in the interpretation, the stories the metaphors

In my opinion, the thing that links Science and serious Theology together, forever, is that they both seek fundamental truth about existence. Like two sides of the same coin, they both are seeking the same and each is equally valid. The corruption of the world builds false a conflict between the two. We must all seek truth for that truly touches the divine.

I remember when I started to entertain the concept in God. It was sometime when I was single and working in the summer to put myself through college. I was on the top of Lookout Mountain outside of Denver Colorado one weekend (all my friends had girlfriends and I did not). My thoughts turned to, why are we all expected to believe that God is human like? God is well beyond that, more fundamental, more profound, deeper, all embracing… ‘That that gives everything existence’, a loving power.

It started there, as for the rest, it is a journey I am still on.

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