Have a Hopeful Advent and a Peaceful New Year

Sure, I love giving and getting presents. I like the good cheer at the Holiday and of course being with family. I love the office parties. I love all of that, but also there are other aspects of Christmas that are important to me, the memories and reflection of the year gone past. I often these feeling are accompanied by feeling gratitude for God’s blessings. With this there is the beginnings of a sense of renewal, a new hope in the air.

I start to see the possibilities for a better world, one more at peace then the year before. Not perfect peace, that takes time, just more peaceful. I beginning to hope for less hate and more love in the world in the coming months. I become expectant of the good in people, giving them the benefit of the doubt, with optimism, hope., and seeing the better nature of ourselves. These things I will seek out.

Sure, I will still get angry with others this year, but maybe I’ll lighten up a bit more, have more patience. Sure bad things will happen along with the good things, I’ll try to focus more on the good than the bad.

Maybe if we all did a little better next year the world will become a little better, and the year after that, and after that. It only takes one step at a time to change the world and a whole lot of love.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


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