Where is God?

During the last EfM session as discussion moved to the latest shooting, our mentor asked, “ Where is God in all this destruction?”

How do we find answers to these horrific acts? How do we move forward as Christians when prayer and kind thoughts don’t seem to make a difference. What can individuals do when the problem is so overwhelming?

For centuries there have been situations that have caused God to look at humanity, His creation, and weep. Evil, destruction, killings, disregard of the individual and yet here we are in another mess of our own making. Violence is frequent, so frequent that our senses are numb.

This is the danger. We need to beware of complacency. The idea that I am only one person; how can I make a difference?

We need to choose involvement – in our neighborhood, our church, our city. We can’t succumb to apathy. We can’t leave the task to someone else. We need to go forth, acting with love to make a difference. Take action through tears of compassion and justice.

What are You Looking For?

Come in through the red door.
Do you see beauty in the building?


Come into the quiet.
Do you see shadows reflected?


Come into the darkness.
Do you see a sliver of light?


Come into the splendor.
Do you feel the inviting warmth?


Come into God’s radiance.
Do you find Him in someone?


Come into community.
Do you want to remain?


Come into activity.
Do you want to take part?


Come into fellowship.
Do you experience comfort?


Come in through the red door.
Do you bring Jesus with you or did you find Him within?